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How I survived an old centos box with a failed external USB drive!

This article is mostly to remind me how to do this again as it is a bizarre and rare situation.

Even though we have migrated to the cloud for over had a decade, some of our legacy infrastructures are still in a data center we manage. One such unwanted, forgotten system is a mail server. We failed to migrate this to the cloud due to the IP reputation issues with cloud providers who recycle their IPs. Honestly, it is mostly because mail server setups are notoriously time-consuming.

I never thought I would love reading about snakes! Your take on the subject is so real and true; When I moved to my beautiful mega-house ten years ago in a town called Rocklin, California, I was introduced to a baby rattlesnake in the garden. Fear got the best of me, and I killed it without any shame. I have never intentionally killed or sacrificed any animal in my life. My late mother, a Muslim woman, was so opposed to killing or sacrificing any animal that she forbid everyone around her to take in any part of such actions, I…

Lots of rumors and posts about M1 macs having huge wear and tear on the SSDs. Find out how to see for yourself.

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Recently, I have seen a lot of posts online about M1 macs having an unreasonable amount of SSD wear and tear for unknown reasons.

Across Twitter and the MacRumors forums, users reported that ‌M1‌ Macs are experiencing an extremely high amount of SSD writes over a short span of time. In what appear to be the most severe cases, ‌M1‌ Macs are said to be consuming as much as 10–13% of the maximum warrantable total bytes written (TBW) value of its SSD!

This concerned me a lot! I have been using my Mac Mini M1 for two months now and…

Big Sur and M1 are not working well for Bluetooth devices just yet.

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I love my Mac Mini M1. It is a beast when it comes to processing H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) videos using Final Cut Pro. Now ScreenFlow has also upgraded to a native M1 version so my video processing work is going well.

However, I am facing the Bluetooth blues that other M1 mac users are facing in an erratic manner. The Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboards connected via Bluetooth die on and off from time to time. This is very annoying.

So I finally researched how…

Manipulate Audio/Video/Image on Mac M1 Command-Line!

I am a beginning-level YouTuber and an expert-level software engineer with 18+ years of software design, development, and management experience. I have recently launched a few YouTube channels — a first-gen immigrant lifestyle channel, a macOS user group channel, and two more channels on the way. Having to deal with a lot of video files on my shiny Mac Mini M1 system is fun as it is an awesome machine for dealing with H.265 (HEVC) videos that are spet out by the newer camera gears like the Go Pro. …

I purchased the M1 Mac Mini a week ago and enjoyed the video editing performance along with the super quiet nature of the beast! I upgraded from a 2015 15" Macbook Pro, which struggled to deal with HEVC (H.265) encoded videos that are now more common than ever before. My Go Pro 9 produces H.265 videos, and it was becoming unbearable to use the 2015 Macbook Pro. So I purchased an eGPU to help, and it did. But then I upgraded the MBP to Big Sur, and eGPU support became unstable. …

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This year has been stranger than Stranger Things! We’ve binge-watched more TV shows, opened and closed our refrigerators more than the manufacturer’s recommendations, virtually zoomed in and out of people’s dining rooms and home offices at alarming frequencies, missed all coffee shop adventures, forgotten how waiting for appetizers feels in our favorite busy restaurants, and many more routines that we now crave to have back in our lives.

If our lives were a movie, 2020 is the slow-motion shot that reminds the audience how the mundane that we take for guaranteed is not!

We are not in control of our…

I manage a small team that manages an e-commerce infrastructure and software for over a decade. Here are five of my lessons learned that works for us very well. Your mileage may vary!

I don’t have an MBA. Just an entrepreneur at heart who runs a successful e-commerce solution for mid-size enterprises for over a dozen years. This is actually our 18th year in business! As the owner and chief software and solutions architect, I learned to practice the following management techniques.

Shrink the TODO List!

Typical managers like to grow the to-do list for the team in every meeting. I learned that if…

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