Is Medium Full of Recycled Self-Help Posts and Technical Lists and Newsy Posts?

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I joined Medium as an author not so long ago. I fell in love with the simple UI and wanted to take advantage of a broad audience. In my previous life, I have published about a dozen books on tech with major publishers, so I am not new to technical writing. Also, I understand that Medium is not an exclusive platform for technical writing. I was thrilled that it is much more than that. After all, the life experiences of people are much more interesting than nearly dry technical write-ups. However, recently, I am noticing a considerable increase in self-help posts that seems very basic, yet getting a lot of claps and views. This is making me wonder if I am hanging out in the wrong pub!

For the sake of curiosity, I read quite a few of these self-help posts ranging from dealing with strangers to how to improve online writing. They hardly reveal any original point of view or strategy or dare I say, research. Most of these articles seem to be recycled B.S. This is why I am wondering if Medium is full of it!

From what I understood so far, Medium seems to thrive on self-help sound-bytes and technical lists and newsy contents. Aren’t Medium readers tired of reading articles like (fictitious examples):

  • Five Ways to Improve Your Life
  • Ten Things You Must Do To Become a Great Developer
  • Seven Books You Must Read to Learn Machine Learning
  • How I made 10K on Medium in the Last Month

I would love to continue writing here to build an audience but I’m wondering if moving to platforms like Ghost would be a better idea for me or not.

What is your experience as an author or reader here? Write your feedback in the comment section. Thanks in advance!

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