Jody McAlister — a very sincere post! And yes it is a bit funny too. :)

I find Medium very fascinating. I have been able to engage with more people on Medium than LinkedIn or any other so-called social media platforms. Frankly, I don’t look to build professional relationships on Facebook, Instagram, etc. I think twitter and Medium are two great platforms for people like you and me who are building followers with our own means. As an author of about a dozen published tech books, I had a great list once, but I got sucked into building my company and lost touch with my book readers all around the world about a decade ago. I picked up writing again recently, and now I am doing it without the hassle of big publishers — just on the wide world of the internet. Loving it! Please let me know if you would be interested in being an interview guest for my brand new Medium publication called Authors & Peeps. I am hoping to launch the publication with 10–12 Medium author and fan interviews. I can be reached via email at Thanks in advance!

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