No more TODO lists! Finishr — a new way to coach yourself into finishing goals!

I tried every todo app under the sun! I get excited about their simplicity and download, install, buy, and use’em for a few months and then I can’t even remember their names! Done with TODO lists! I came up with a new way to finish my todos and goals! You can do it for free!

Why TODO Apps Fail Me…

I set up a ton of goals for the personal, professional, team, business goals but lose motivation to accomplish many of them. But I noticed whenever someone reminds me about one such goal and asks me how it is going, I feel excited about it and want to work on it. For example, I am writing a book called “My Americans”, which is a story about a handful of Americans that have influenced my first-generation immigrant life.

So far I had a great run in America — wrote a dozen tech books since my late 20/ to 30s; had my tech startup in the Word Trade Center II and have been running my e-commerce tech solutions company for last tweety years while living in Rocklin, California. So I have a few stories to share with my two boys about my late teen years in college and beyond where I was directly influenced by a few good men. A

I feel that my story of success with the help of a handful of Americans will help other immigrants and Americans see how interactions with each other can really be the ice breaker in reducing the national tension that gives birth to scapegoating the immigrants in a country of immigrants.

Anyway, I am weak that way. I need motivation and encouragement to continue on ideas that are not driven by financial gains.

So I was thinking about how to solve my problem — I want to be reminded in a conversational manner about my goals. But who would do that for me? Unless hiring a coach who knows about my goals and pushes me in a positive way. But I think getting a coach – real. person – like this isn’t in my best interest as some of these goals need to be accomplished in a slow-paced manner.

  • For example, if I say that “I want to write the first draft of my book by 2021” it should know to give me a nudge every other month or based on my interaction with it.
  • Similarly, if I tell the system that “I want to lose 10–15 lbs in five weeks” it should send me emails and/or text every week or based on my interactions
Adding a goal is as simple as typing a sentence
A sample email for a goal related to publishing a book
A sample email for a goal related to weight loss
User can now fine-tune the progress response to allow the system to follow-up in the future in a smart manner

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