Thanks for the primer on Ethical Hacking. Most people associate hacking with evil stuff. But as you know in the tech industry, we consider hacking is the way of life — doing anything to make something new is often synonymous to hacking.

One note I would add is that there are great benefits of persuing ethical hacking beyond learning and identifying risks for the greater good of public.

Many companies — big and small — now have bounty programs that allow ethical hackers to earn a living or at least some financial rewards. This can encourage more and more young people to get involved since there is a chance that one can make a decent living of ethical hacking in specific industries.

For example, companies involved in autonomous self-driving will and have implemented bounty programs to ensure that their product does not become an autonomous missile on the highways or a public safety hazard in a busy street.

Every private and public sector of our modern —small startups to large telecom to governments should offer reward programs for ethical hackers who can then earn a living and make our world safer.

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