Thanks, Jody. When I discovered Medium last year, I immediately started comparing it with everything else — twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube. What made Medium earn my free time of exploration is not only the ad-free, beautiful space for writing but, more importantly, the people who are on it! And the very first person on Medium that I had a decent amount of communication on and off Medium is you! You are a truly good human being who inspires me. We both like and know some usual suspects. Ann K Frailey is a fantastic person and a great sci-fi writer. We are both blessed to have discovered her here. Dr Mehmet Yildiz is a powerhouse of R&D, and he can breakdown a hard topic into byte size consumable information. Mike Alexander in France is like the classic author on a journey! I also got to know a few more people through Authors & Peeps, and they are all awesome.

And I am sure you agree that we got to know these authors better through their work and the short biographical interviews that we have all read so far. I wish we knew more authors and where they come from and what get them going. For example, knowing your background and approach to life and writing has made me feel like you are a friend that I want to meet one day. The willingness to be discovered is the first criteria of an author’s success. Writing good is a given! A good writer that is not discovered is the sound in the forest that no one heard.

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The hardest thing I found on Medium is that it is SO hard to get a hold of authors who are totally out of contact. I have spammed their comment boxes, but some don’t read their comments. Some people have ZERO contacts, hard to find social media / Linkedin, etc. So sometimes, I wonder about the statistics of failure for authors. Sorry, with excitement I went off track! :)

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