Very nice capture of the importance of the agile process in modern business. As you mentioned, technology startups and young engineers are eager practitioners of agile development.

Just like the waterfall has become the signal word for old-school process agile development has also become a cliche in the sense that many companies actually claim they use it but they have their own flavors with questionable attributes. Basically, you won’t find a single company in tech or startup space that claims they don’t the agile process. Yet, the actual practice varies widely.

I had rebranded agile to my team and stakeholders — often marketers and executives — in much simpler terms: CREATE. SHIP. REPEAT. I recently wrote about it on my company site, which is really a Medium publication. Here is the link:

Create something worth value as fas as you can. Ship it to users who want it. Repeat the process and eventually exceed the MVP to a full-grown product. Ours has been in the making for a decade. The MVP was introduced to companies with 6% internet commerce. Now the full-grown solution is used across three different continents in fourteen countries.

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