What an awesome write up on a very complex topic! I loved it! Customers often DO NOT know what they really want, and the best way to extract that out of them is using a detailed UX mockup software. Once I instructed a large team of a few hundred software engineers to abandon making the software and instead focus on being good at making the “mockup software” for their clients. Can you imagine, only in software engineering, you can get started, funded with an idea on a piece of paper. In other engineering efforts such as civil, mechanical, architecture, etc. you have to have a ton of models, drawings, and evidence of use case successes to get started. You nailed the issues with software engineering very much on the head.

BTW, I have a new publication on Medium called Authors & Peeps. I would love to interview you for the publication which is launching this month. Please let me know if you can make some time for a write-up interview. I am reachable via medium@evoknow.com. Thanks!

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